An excellent Radio documentary detailing
life for Orangemen living in the
Republic of Ireland

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Sights and Sounds

Belfast's Twelfth Of July 2010

1.  21st Century Orangeman 

For the first time ever, the Orange Order allowed cameras inside the Lodge, during a critical period that has changed the face of Scottish politics.

3 Part programme.


2.    Sons Of William - The Story of L.O.L. 209

Documentary shot in Northern Ireland in 2006 depicting an Orange Lodge and their Twelfth of July celebrations. Insightful interviews and events of
July 12, 2006 in Magherafelt.
An American production, it is based on the
Maghera Sons of William L.O.L 209, from County Londonderry.

Battle of The Boyne

BBC Documentary with
Peter and Dan Snow

6 Part Programme

4. The Somme - From Defeat to Victory

The true story of the Battle of the Somme

7 part documentary