Grand Lodge Parade and Rally


                       Support of The Act of Settlement 


                                            Liverpool 8th May 2010

The Grand Lodge of England organised this Parade, with the full co-operation and support of both the Grand Lodges of Ireland and Scotland.

In recent years there have been calls for the Act of Settlement 1701, to be scrapped and this parade was organised to show opposition to any proposed change or abolition to the Act.


The Act of Settlement of 1701 was designed to secure the Protestant succession to the throne, and to strengthen the guarantees for ensuring a parliamentary system of government. The Act is a huge pillar in the (largely-unwritten) UK Constitution  and to make substantial change to it, could fundamentally affect the political and religious fabric of the nation and further destabilize the basis on which contemporary society and government are based.

More info on the Act of Settlement.



The parade mustered at the Southern Area Memorial Hall in Liverpool at 1 pm, where the assembled Brethern, Sisters, bands and friends were addressed by the Grand Masters of the three Grand Lodges and by  Rt. Hon. Bro. Jeffrey Donaldson MP. MLA.


Bro. Donaldson pointed out why the act is so important to the very fabric of this country and why any change to it should be strenuously opposed. In a well composed speech he gave examples of countries where Roman Catholic Monarchs had put their church and personal views before the good of their people and the detrimental effect that had had on their countries.


At 2 pm the Parade moved off and made it's way to The Liverpool Provincial headquarters. On parade were Lodges from most English Districts as well as many from Scotland and Northern Ireland.  Approximately ten bands provided a wide range of musical accompaniment on the parade, as the marchers made their way in windy conditions towards the city centre.


The Parade and Rally were a great success and many old friendships were renewed and new ones made, particularly between the two Somme Memorial Lodges, those of L.O.L. 290, Livingston and L.O.L. 842, Bristol - these Lodges paraded side-by-side with their colours proudly held aloft.


It is hoped that the Rally and Parade will have done some good - however as we live in a liberal, left-wing society which is becoming more secular and in which people of faith are becoming more marginalized, we must wait and see if those in Government will attempt to dismantle the 300 year old Act of Settlement.

The Grand Orange Lodge of England, along with the World Orange Council, strenuously, oppose any alteration, amendment or reduction in the terms of the Act of Settlement 1701. We re-affirm, our commitment to the Act of Settlement of 1701 and urge those in authority to uphold the Constitution as handed down to our generation.