The Star of Halewood L.O.L. 66 of Garston, Liverpool undertook to host a parade to mark the 95th anniversary of the start of the Battle of The Somme. The event was being held on the 1st July, exactly 95 years since the opening day of the battle.

On the 1st July 1916, the first day of The Battle of The Somme, over 55,000 British and Commonwealth soldiers either died, were wounded, or were missing, as they attempted to push back the Germans and turn the tide of the First World War. It is the blackest day in the history of the British Army. It is very important to our culture that the brave men who fought to preserve our freedom, all those years ago, should not be forgotten in the mists of time. 


Several members of The Somme Memorial LOL 842, Bristol made the trip and were warmly welcomed by the host Lodge, at Garston Orange halls, where the parade was starting from.

On Parade with the assembled Brethren, were The Rose of England Accordion Band and Everton Road Protestant Boys Flute Band. The Parade left Garston Orange Halls and made its way through the streets to the local Cenotaph, where wreaths were laid by the host Lodge and by both bands.

The Parade then continued to the Victoria Memorial Club where after the singing of The National Anthem, the Brethren fell out. A very successful social event was then held where many old friendships were renewed and news ones made.

                Brethren of The Somme Memorial L.O.L. 842, who travelled to Garston for the parade

Somme commemoration parades are a regular event in Ulster and Scotland, but this was to be the first time this parade was held in Liverpool. Although the turnout was small, it is hoped that next year's parade will be considerably larger. Many congratulations and thanks to the Star of Halewood LOL 66, for hosting such a fine and worthwhile event.