Grand Orange Lodge of England

                               Annual Sessions, Dinner and Parade 2011

The Grand Orange Lodge of England held their Annual Sessions, Dinner and Parade in the Bromborough area of Merseyside, on the weekend of 23/24th September 2011. The weekend started in the usual manner with the Grand Lodge Sessions running throughout Friday and adjourning late in the afternoon. In the evening a 'black tie' dinner was held which was a great success with a high attendance.

The sessions were concluded on Saturday morning, which left the afternoon free for the parade. The Brethren, Sisters and bands formed up in Victoria Park and a rally was held, where the gathering was addressed by the Grand Master, Most Worshipful Bro Ron Bather. At 2pm the parade set off and it included Orangemen and Orangewomen from all four corners of the United Kingdom - they were accompanied by seven bands, including two from Scotland, Heart of Midlothian Flute Band and Pride of Motherwell Flute Band.

Several members of LOL 842 made the journey up to Bromborough for this event and they were delighted to be joined by Brother James Walker of No Surrender, LOL 513, Belfast who is a regular visitor at LOL 842 Lodge meetings - Brother James was participating in his first Orange parade in England.

The route which was approximately 5 miles, wound its way through mostly residential areas of Bromborough, before finally arriving in Birkenhead Park, where after the singing of the National Anthem, the parade fell out. The walk was a great success and was received well by the many spectators who lined the route.

                        Brethren of LOL 842 & LOL 513 who attended the event